Frequently Asked Questions

Social Sharing

Do I earn points for sharing DreamKeep Rewards on social media?

We’d love for you to share your experiences with DreamKeep Rewards on social media. Sharing is caring, after all! You earn points when you connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to DreamKeep Rewards. But, you won’t earn points for the act of sharing on social media.

How many points can I earn for connecting my social media accounts to DreamKeep Rewards?

You’ll earn 1,000 points per connection (1,000 points for connecting to Facebook and 1,000 for connecting to Twitter), for a maximum of 2,000 points over the lifetime of your DreamKeep Rewards membership. To connect your accounts, go to the Profile Settings page and click Connect with Twitter and/or Connect with Facebook. If you disconnect your social media accounts, no points will be deducted from your DreamKeep Rewards balance; you will not get additional points if you reconnect to social media at a later date.