Frequently Asked Questions

Group Membership

How does group membership work?

Individuals must be living at the same household address in order to form a group. Once a group is formed, all of the group members’ individual points will automatically be contributed toward the group points balance. Limit of five adults (18 years of age or older) in one group.

How do I redeem a reward in a group?

You are free to redeem rewards using group points as you wish. You are not required to receive permission from the group leader to redeem a reward.

How are points deducted from my account if I redeem a reward and I am in a group?

When a group member redeems a reward, a proportion of the total required points is taken from each group member’s account on a ‘pro rata’ basis. (This means that more points will be taken from group members who have a high point balance, and fewer points from members who have a low balance).

Can I combine my points with other members’ to earn rewards?

Yes, you can do so by creating a “group” with other members, as long as you all live in the same household. Points held by each group member will automatically be combined, so rewards can be earned faster.

I am an American Family Insurance policy holder, but I have not set up My Account. Why is this important?

You will need to set up My Account in order to login to DreamKeep Rewards. There are also many other great benefits to setting up My Account if you are an American Family Insurance policy holder, such as: tracking billing statements online and paying bills online.